Panasonic White Glove Delivery Service Test Opportunity



Thank you for your interest in testing with us! This test opportunity gives you a chance to try out a new appliance delivery service. This service will allow those purchasing a new appliances the option to have their old ones professionally removed and recycled when getting their new product delivered and installed.

Testers will be asked to review the process from selecting this service on the website to delivery of the appliance. Note, testers will not need to fund the purchase, but rather just go through the experience. Lastly, testers will provide feedback on the offline experience of the Delivery Service arriving and completing their job.

Selected testers who complete all the required activities will get to keep or donate the delivered appliance to a local charity of their choice.

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  • Must live in California’s Inland Empire
  • Must be willing to have a professional delivery service deliver a product to their home and enter their house to set up the product
  • Keep or donate the appliance delivered to you